Starting November 2nd we are on a new winter season schedule. See locations for current Saturday's Farmers Markets, and below for pick-up and deliery hours

A Taste of Russia will provide free deliveries within Peterborough (minimum $ 25 order), or no-limit prepacked curbside pickups at 2023 Bensfort Road, Peterborough (Look for our yellow flag at the intersection of Bensfort Rd, Neal Drive, and Wallis Point)

We accept payment by e-transfer ( - no password required), chip credit/debit, or cash (exact change in an envelope). 

Call to Order: 1-705-874-6149

Hours of Operation:

Curbside Pick Up:

Monday to Friday 11:00am-5:00pm

Local Delivery:

Wednesday-Friday 5:00pm-6:00pm

You can pre-order any day of the week for your delivery

Phone to pre-order: 705-874-6149



-Small Bag (half a dozen perogies)


-Large Bag (bakers dozen)


(potato-cheese ; potato- mushroom ; roasted cabbage-onion ; roasted green bean ; peach pie )
Served with seasoned sour cream

2. CABBAGE ROLLS - 2  for $ 7.50 / 4 for $ 14.00

-sold cold pre-packed in a microwave safe container

Served with seasoned sour cream 

3. FETA CHEESE SPINACH TRIANGLES - 1 for $2.50, 2 for $5.00, 6 for $13.50 and 12 for $24.00

Available until sold out

3. POTATO MUSHROOM BILINIS - 1 for $2.50, 2 for $5.00, 6 for $13.50 and 12 for $24.00

Available until sold out

4. SPECIAL - $8.00

1 Cabbage Roll
 6 Perogies (any kind)
 Served with seasoned sour cream

Watch for special menu items (such as chicken stew, sour cherry cake, beef stroganoff etc) to be posted on Instagram and Facebook